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About Us

Winmac Shop is the leading seller of computer and computer accesories. Earlier we were selling through amazon and ebay but to compete with the market prices we need to launch our own ecommerce website.

We have maintained our success by treating our customers the same way we would want to be treated – with dignity and respect. We know we wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t for our customers, which is why when you buy from Winmac Shop you can expect expert advice, friendly service, fair prices and quality merchandise. Service like this makes our customers, customers for life.

Why Choose Us?

Our Merchandise are put through a rigorous testing procedure to make sure it functions as if it was straight out of the factory. We inspect every component on the computer's motherboard including its capacitors. Repairing this could be more than the price you paid for the computer itself. Beyond the thorough testing, we also completely erase all of the previous owner's information to Department of Defense Standards. We do this to ensure the Hard Drive is completely blank and free of any possible harmful files left behind.

This entire process truly sets us apart from our competitors. We set the standard of Quality and Excellence.